All Aboard The Swain Train!

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  • At the start of the game, as Swain you must make an assessment. Begin by having a look at the enemy chúng tôi it a Lee Sin who is likely to gank middle early? Or is it an Udyr who is likely just to farm throughout the early game?

    If you feel that you may draw jungler attention during your first 2 levels, then take a point in Nevermove as a means of disengage. On the other hand you feel safe against the enemy jungler, and you are comfortable with your pick against the enemy mid, then take a point in Torment to start laying down the damage when they go in for a last hit. The only exception to this is if your invading, in which case always take Nevermove to try to catch an enemy player.

    In lane, your objective should always be to prioritise farm over harass, and this is particularly relevant during levels 1 to 4, as this is when Swain is at his weakest. If the enemy it trying to harass you, either back off, or hit them with Torment and an auto-attack or two.

    Shove the lane and back as soon as you can afford a Catalyst of Aeons as well as a sight ward or two and some Health Potions.

    Once you return to lane after your first purchase it’s time to instil terror into the minds of the unfortunate enemy team.

    When you get to lane, set down at least one of your wards, in pparation for what will follow.

    Begin last hitting as usual, and wait patiently for the enemy to stray too close to you, then catch them with a Torment + Decrepify + Ravenous Flock then as they’re slowed, cast your Nevermove in front of them. If you continue running along side them auto-attacking, then this is sure to burn a LEAST a Flash. Rinse and repeat for a kill, remembering to use Ignite early, as you want to nullify the effects of Health Potion’s if the enemy laner attempts to save themselves using them.

    Whether this results in a kill or simply forces the enemy mid to back, I do one of the following every time:

    1) Shove the lane to tower and roam bottom through the enemy jungle and pop out behind them avoiding all wards.

    2) Wait for your minions to reach halfway between your nexus and the outer middle tower, then shove to tower, then as the wave resets back to the middle of the lane, take either your wolves or wraiths.

    Be sure to back when under 50% HP in lane, unless your jungler is on his way to gank. If you’re above 50% HP, then simply heal up on your wraith camp.

    ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS prioritise grouping with your team for objectives such as towers or dragon over that extra wave of farm. Even if you feel it’s a bad call, just sit a little further back, then pssure from having a Swain psent can make all the difference.

    The late game is all about grouping with your team, and trying to take objectives together, so this segment will be focussed on your role during team fights, as well as WHEN to call for baron nashor and other objectives.

    During teamfights, Swain take part in one of two different roles. If your ahead, then your primary goal is to hunt down the enemy ADC and murder them as quickly as possible, however ensure to stay behind your tank right up until the fight actually breaks out, then avoiding as much CC as possible, weave your way through the fight to that pesky Graves and unload. Once this mission has been accomplished, simply draw as much attention to yourself as possible and hit zonyas, letting Ravenous Flock do the rest.

    If on the other hand, you feel you are not as strong as you would like, then alternatively you can focus on peeling for your own ADC. The term peel – if you are unfamiliar with it, simply means to protected via the use of crowd control abilities. Normally this is your supports job, however this is not always the case, and a late game ADC with guardian angel Swain taking care of him can carry games like it’s going out of fashion!

    When to take Baron Nashor …

    There are basically 3 different situations when calling to take Nashor is NOT going to result in an ace in favour of the enemy team. These situations are written with the assumption that both teams are roughly equal in terms of skill and items/levels, it is also necessary for your jungler to have Smite currently available. They are as follows:

    1) The enemy jungler is dead.

    2) The enemy jungler is seen farming bot lane and your team is nearby baron.

    3) There are super minions flooding into the enemy base, and someone will have to back to stop them.

    ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. Prioritise Baron nashor over an inhibitor if your team is strong enough to take it. There are 3 inhibitors and only 1 Baron nashor , and with Baron nashor you can usually siege down an enemy inhibitor anyway! (The only exception to this is when your team has already taken the inhibitor tower pviously, in which case you should be able to seige the inhibitor)

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